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February 2, 2016 by Antonella Sala

imageA Conversation with Itzel Sharaff

Join us for a chat with Mexican Fashion Blogger Itzel Sharaff about finding Inspirations and creating good Content.

Figure out everything you’ve ever wanted to know…

TRENDFORTREND: What made you start blogging? 

 ITZEL SHARAFF: Since I was a little girl, I liked to write and draw, I had a dairy where I always illustrated by writing my everyday experiences and the magical places I visited.
My first time; I wrote in 2010 in a blog for men ( Following that, I discovered blogger, which I try to be constant up today. I found it somehow, like a diary where I can be inspired and at the same time been able to express it to others.

We saw that you come from a fashion design background. Does fashion play a big part in your life? What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job? 

Fashion does take an important part of my life as well as other things. To get an idea, to create it and materialize it, that result is what I enjoy the most.

And what is your favourite trend for the upcoming season?

My inspired trend is in Tibet, a mixture between the traditional and evocating the roots, something simple with a contemporary touch. All

Certainly, nobody is creating mood boards in such a creative manner as you do. Most people are shy and think rather in simplistic terms, meaning that a shoe has to be a shoe. You seem to be more creative and are able to catch a picture as a whole and alienate fashion items to pieces of art

Each element that I use can obtain a meaning according to the intention of the inspiration
Once I’ve read somewhere that fashion it´s a vehicle where expressions can be translated into art

Where do you find your inspirations or what inspires you creating your content? 

I based my inspiration on what an the object transmits and what feelings I get from it.
Seeing things what they are, in there own difference way and putting it together creating the “same different” thing.

What is your opinion about the current discussion about the digital revolution?
Certainly as a blogger it happens to be vital to be constantly online.

The digital revolution is a reflection of our society, technological advances are the basic services that exist, more efforts are needed together so that more people have access to Internet, to access information and more opportunities are created for all.

 What is your favourite media right now and where did you look to find images?

Pinterest is one of my favourite media, I can find endless images, add and share them at the same time, and then on TrendForTrend I find still life images and tools that help me creating my contents.
TrendForTrend has been a great teacher for me, fortuity or causality ?, I don´t know, but certainty I feel is the best way to express myself without any restrictions, each of the pieces complementing each other, respecting each brand and creating a sense of togetherness.

Besides being online, what is the most important part in your life? How do you relax in order to gain new strength for the next day? 

Currently I’m taking a YTC (YOGA TEACHERS COURSE)
I practice yoga, investigate different topics, listen different kinds of music, read books, go to the cinema, love to go out and take pictures of murals on the streets and of the beautiful days at the beach.



I am 29 years old from the magical town of Guanajuato, México; I don´t considered myself as blogger nor a fashion designer, I feel simple, fun, irreverent and classic at the same time.
I had study fashion design and footwear, but I had dedicated more time on trend forecasting and social media and at the same time I work for a hotel as manager assistant, of course I also help them on their Facebook page.
Since I was a little girl I had been surrounded by art, music and a special taste for the aesthetic, nothing egotistic, I was fortunate that every school I had attended provided creative projects. I loved to spend the whole afternoon working on my projects.

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