How To Create A Carousel Widget For Your Sidebar

April 26, 2016 by Antonella Sala

Here in the sidebar (and also on our mainpage) you can see a carousel, here I show you my absolute favourites right now.

You want to have the same on your blog?

Then keep reading, I will quickly explain you how to create a carousel for your sidebar with the use of TrendForTrend Tools:

(click through the carousel)

First of all why you should definitely create a nice sidebar with TrendForTrend is that it is part of the so called native advertise.

Your readers have to be engagend you should make them the visit on your webpage as comfortable as possible thus they are likely to come back.


1. Select your favourite items


Search through our library with our keyword functions and place it on your working space via "drag and drop".

You can change the size of your image, for a sidebar we recommend to you 300x300px.

2. When you have finished creating, publish your carousel


here you have different options to select: 

  • exclude full moodboard view (only single items)
  • Add brand name below the single-image page

I flagged both fields and I would also recommend you to do it.

When you exclude the moodboard, only the single items of the carousel will be displayed, and with the second cross the brand name and online store will be added, so its an easier way of shopping for your readers because they immediately see some informations about the item.

Tip: Don't forget to save the file while working


3. Embed the code


After you published your moodboard, you can just copy the HMTL code and embed it on your sidebar on your webpage 

(if you use wordpress you find this function under your "widgets" section)

4. Check if the HTML code worked



As you can see everything worked well as I inserted the code

If you do have problems, try the second code and if it is still now working feel free to contact us:

5. Create a new shopping experience for your readers



The best with the use of TrendForTrend is that your readers can directly shop through the interactive images.

Plus: To keep the optic of your blog more clean we are just using cropped images, so you can gain a homogenous unit.

6. Some tips on the way

Since our images are enriched with affiliate links you can monetize your content,

for further informations check your account.


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