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September 6, 2015 by Antonella Sala


Films have become the new big thing in visual arts and fashion creativity. Proofs are the many events taking place worldwide, such as the second edition of the Milano Fashion Film Festival (20th-22nd September 2015 fashionfilmfestivalmilano.com/) and the legendary ASVOFF ( ashadedviewonfashion.com/) launched in 2008 by the French influencer, journalist and blogger Diane Pernet.

Italian fashion brand Miu Miu keeps confirming its creative energy within this new trend. During the last Venice Film Festival it unveiled its newest movie “Les 3 Boutons”, which marks the 10th commission from Miu Miu Women’s Tales, the acclaimed short-film series by women who critically celebrate femininity in the 21st century.

“Les 3 Boutons” is directed by the legendary 87-year-old Agnès Varda, considered by many as forerunner to French New Wave cinema, and winner of the first honorary Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Movie’s lead is newcomer Jasmine Thiré, and it was shot on location in Bonnieux and also rue Daguerre, Paris, where Varda has lived for 50 years. The story gently reverses the clichés of girlhood. Jasmine prefers school uniform and education to the easy allure of a Cinderella lifestyle.

“It’s playing a game with reality,” Varda says. “The game is called cinema.”

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