Campaign Stella McCartney new Falabella Rainbow Pop

The Rainbow Pop Collection by Stella McCartney

April 19, 2016 by Antonella Sala

The most iconic bag from Stella McCartney Falabella is this Spring/Summer in a new vibrant color collection available.

The popular everyday bag, the Falabella mini tote in shaggy deer with a signature hand braided chain is now available in 7 rainbow hues:

Mist, Bluebird, Bright Purple, Hot Pink, Cherry, Orange and Golden Syrup.


Each color represents a personality trait: 

Mist for calmness, Bluebird for confidence, Bright Purple for fun, Hot pink for friendship, Cherry for love, Orange for playfulness, and Golden syrup for joy.

Which color are you?


And check out more Falabellas: 

image credits: Stella McCartney

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