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October 8, 2015 by Antonella Sala


Good news!

Thanks toBritish evergreen designer Vivienne Westwood, fashion is more “active” than ever. The famous style icon dedicated her SS16 show to saving Venice, reflecting its giddy, gilded culture on her runway.

The show for her Gold Label collection was called “Mirror The World”, and was devoted to Venice. The defilé saw the city, slowly sinking into its surrounding lagoon, as the centre stage for the Paris catwalk. A pre-show film saw Westwood speak of Venice as an «emporium of culture», citing painters Titian and Bellini, and the city’s carnival, as inspiration.

In the latest film which communicates the message behind SS16 Gold Label’s show in Paris, Vivienne speaks of «Saving Venice!»and protecting it from the effects of climate change. So what can we do to help save Venice and the rest of the world from this imminent threat? Vivienne says we should get together, join forces and demonstrate!

From her blog, the super British designer invite her fans to join The People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs set on Sunday 29th November in London. Vivienne urges us all to attend with our friends and family as «The more people attend, the better the chance to save the world».


©Vivienne Westwood

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